Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baby House Finches Update

I took a photo of my Spider Plant baby House Finches today. There are 3 of them in there but you can only see 2 of them in this picture. They are so cute and fuzzy. They look at me very warily every time I look in on them. Mama flies out of the nest whenever we go out the front door.

I have been kind of worried about them lately because we have had men doing the landscaping in our back yard for a week and the Parents have stayed away a lot because of all the activity.

It has been kind of cold and gloomy here in California. They call it June Gloom.

I think that they have enough feathers now that they can keep themselves fairly warm.

There is a lot of bird poop all around them on the plant. I am going to have to do some srious plant cleaning after they fledge.

Check here for the background on the birds.

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