Monday, July 13, 2009

My Vintage Crazy Quilt Project

Allie from Allies in Stitches inspires me daily. Her Blog is my very favorite. She is doing a modern take on an Antique CQ as posted on her blog. Go check it out. She is amazing!

A couple of years ago I started a CQ based upon an Antique CQ that I saw on EBay. This is it. I had hand dyed some silk dupioni in several colors and also some cotton. I used the antique CQ as inspiration to start the construction of a crazy quilt. I Love this quilt! It is so very graphic!

Anyway, I decided to try a Crazy Quilt based upon it. I had put it away for a few years but after watching Allie and her reproduction CQ, I found it and put it on my design wall. This is what I had done. Not much. It is all my hand dyed fabric and the fans are much wider than the original antique CQ. It is probably 2 1/2' wide by 3' tall. The strips are quite wide. I am going to put fans in the corners and Black silk in the center and on the edges of the fans and in the corners of the fans. I tried to dye black silk but it didn't come out black so I will probably have to buy commercial fabric for that part. I am not sure if I will continue with the outside piecing or not. I think I will look at it for a while and see what it says to me. I think that it will need layered stitches on each side of each fan.

Quilting Blogs

I found a couple of sites that list Quilters Blogs.

Check out QuilterBlogs. com. I can spend hours looking through the list. Go check it out and expect to spend some time there, also.

The next site is Quilting Bloggers. This is a great resources to make it easier to find new creative people.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Found!!! Ott Light Bulb

I found my Ott Light bulb! Yeah!!!! I had a package of batting that I wanted to use for my fireplace quilt and I unrolled it and out poped my missing Ott Light bulb! I was almost ready to go and buy a new one. I swear, I looked in every box of fabric and clothing I had since the move with no luck. I had all but given up on finding it when I found it. I knew I had put it in a safe place!