Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fireplace Quilt Finished!

I finished the Fireplace Quilt! My Husband and I hung it up today. We do not work well together. He wants to be the Boss and I want to be the Boss, so....... But anyway, we got the job done. We will have to do a little touch up on the wall because it wasn't right the first time we did it and we had to start over again. It's Sunday, it wore him out, and he is taking a nap now. Poor Baby!
It was really sunny outside when I took these pictures so it looks darker than it really is. It really looks good up there. I like it and after all, that is what really matters!

That little Nurse under the quilt is our Niece and we are so proud of Her. She just graduated from Nursing School as an RN. Way To Go Rachel!

New Fabric. What to do with it?

I went on the Southern California Quilt Run this last week. I made it to 29 of 42 shops! Whew!!! It was really Hot yesterday. I decided that I was done. It is still going on today and is the last day. I think it takes 1000 miles or more to drive it.

I brought home this fabric. It started with the floral brown fabric on the end. I then found the blue floral linen textured fabric in the middle. Stupidly, I only bought fat quarters. After I got home, I called the shop and had them cut a yard of each and because it is an hour and a half away from my house, I had them send it to me. It is really beautiful fabric. Classically Home "Laurel Cottage" by Benartex. Well, I kept adding to the grouping and now I will have to make a quilt or 3. I think wall hangings. Maybe a group of 3 for the stairway. A few of these fabrics will be taken out because they don't all play well together. I think I would like to do stars but I am not sure.

If you can't handle spiders, then just look past the next picture. I am not particularly squeamish around bugs and snakes so I kind of think these big guy is cool. He is a Tarantula and was about 5 inches across. He was hanging out under the patio light for the good food.