Saturday, August 07, 2010

2012 Crazy Quilt Challenge

Here is my plan again for the 2012 CQ Challenge. I have selected fabrics for the borders and outside the fans.

The purple fabric will be around the fans. The emerald green will be the half squares on the outside and this fantastic hand dyed African fabric from Ba Ba Blankets will be the border. I am going to cut it so it appears as stripes. Just like in the photo.

I have the fans pieced.

Piecing the CQ blocks.

All the blocks pieced.

The emerald fabric in the middle is the same as the outside fabric. I think I will do embroidery in the center although things could change.

Huge Beetle!!!

We were in our family room the other night and heard something hit the slider door. During the day sometimes a bird will hit a window and this was how it sounded, only it was night. Did a bat hit the glass?

This big guy was laying upside down on the patio so I flipped him over and put a quarter by him to show his size. We figured he was about 3 inches long.

We never have figured out what type of beetle he is. Just a Big Ass bug!

2006 Round Robin Quilt Done!

I finally got my Round Robin done that the "Just a Little Crazy Stitcher's Club" did back in 2006. Moving to California got in the way of finishing it. I wanted to get it finished so that it could go into the Nitetime Needlers Quilt show in September.

The group is going to have a fairly large display of CQ's in the show so if you are in the area, go by and check it out. The dates are Sept. 17, 18, 2010. Their opportunity quilt is also a Crazy Quilt. Here is a picture.

This is me on the patio, stitching the binding on the quilt. I love my back patio. It is so quiet. Our old house in Parkville, MO was next to a highway and was not peaceful. It's funny how you can get used to anything. The quiet seemed so loud when we moved here! LOL

Here is the finished quilt. It is titled "My Fair Ladies" and is a tribute to the friends that stitched it. It hangs in my stairwell to the upstairs. This is becoming my CQ gallery.

This is my block. When I put the packets together for the blocks, I included a silk lady, 2 fabrics, and a hanky. Everyone was required to cut the hanky into fourths and use it in the block. They also had to use the 2 fabrics and add at least 2 more. I asked that they use the colors in the silk for the color theme of the blocks.

This is Victoria's block.

Janell's block.

Marci's block.

Pam's block.

Patty's block.

Susan's block.

Anne's block.

Cindy's block.

Debra's block.

Grace's block.

Gwen's block.

The Club is getting ready to start another Round Robin. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. If you are interested in seeing past blocks from our Round Robins you can see them here.

Friday, August 06, 2010

2012 CQ Quilt Started

I have been a very bad blogger. I started back to work and work way too much. A lot of things have gone by the wayside. I am back working in a Dental Lab. I wish I could make money doing my hobby of CQ! I still teach CQ sometimes. There doesn't seem to be a lot of people doing CQ in Southern CA. My classes seem to fill up pretty good but I don't make enough to support the bills.

I have been wanting to start on a CQ for the 2012 CQ Challenge. I had a false start but my idea was a little to complex and I couldn't seem to get going. I have changed my plan and have actually made some progress.

This is the antique CQ that is my inspiration. I love that the blocks are set on point and I love the embroidery in the middle. It really is a simple CQ but it has a great visual graphic look.

This is my plan. I have fans all around and the blocks are still on point. It is an evolving plan as I have changed it a bit as I have been working on it.

These are the foundation blocks on my design wall. The blocks are 8 1/2 inches unfinished. I was going to do some embroidery on the 5 blocks in the center but have since decided to do CQ on the 4 around the center. I think I will do my initials on the very center block. This may change though!

I selected fabrics and decided to do jewel tone fabrics. I wanted to use natural fibers so most of them are cotton and silk. I also wanted to use modern fabrics so there are a lot of batiks and hand dyes. I have a nice collection of beautiful hand dyed African fabrics that I am using too. I love these. I found a fantastic booth at the Long Beach quilt show in July called Ba Ba Blankets that I found several wonderful, unique fabrics. One of them will be the border fabric of the quilt.
This is my sewing room with the fabrics I have pulled out. What a mess! Isn't my sewing room great! I love it! That is my cutting table that all the fabric is piled on. My Husband bought me a great little TV that fits perfect! All the little quilts around the ceiling are done by friends. It keeps them close to me. Marci and I have a sheep thing going.

I am going to try and post my progress so check back. I will probably not post every day but I will try to be more regular.