Sunday, August 15, 2010

2012 CQ Redo Update

A lot of people seemed like they couldn't get around the green silk in the middle so I put the fabric piece behind the blocks to show what I envision with the half squares around the outside. The green looks bright in the picture because it is silk and it gets shiny with the flash. I promise that it doesn't look so bright with the blocks. It fits with the colors. The brown African fabric will be the border around the green silk.

I have put the strip blocks in between the fans at the corners. There will be purple silk on the outside edge. I am liking where this is going more than before.

2012 CQ - Plan redo

I have been reworking my plan. I tried re-arranging the blocks, moving the fans around, and came back to the original plan.

I am thinking that I will expand on the fans and add strip blocks in between the fans. There will be a small strip of purple on the outside edges of them like the fans.

I will have to see how I like the little outside fans once I try the strip blocks to see if they still look good where they are.

I took a picture again and the white areas will be where the strip blocks will go.

Try and not get focused on the green in the middle as the half square blocks around the outside of the quilt will also be that green so I hope this will tie it all together. In person it is not as stark as it looks in the picture. It is because the flash makes the silk look shiny. Also, remember the brown African fabric that will be the border. You can see it here.