Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Fabric. What to do with it?

I went on the Southern California Quilt Run this last week. I made it to 29 of 42 shops! Whew!!! It was really Hot yesterday. I decided that I was done. It is still going on today and is the last day. I think it takes 1000 miles or more to drive it.

I brought home this fabric. It started with the floral brown fabric on the end. I then found the blue floral linen textured fabric in the middle. Stupidly, I only bought fat quarters. After I got home, I called the shop and had them cut a yard of each and because it is an hour and a half away from my house, I had them send it to me. It is really beautiful fabric. Classically Home "Laurel Cottage" by Benartex. Well, I kept adding to the grouping and now I will have to make a quilt or 3. I think wall hangings. Maybe a group of 3 for the stairway. A few of these fabrics will be taken out because they don't all play well together. I think I would like to do stars but I am not sure.

If you can't handle spiders, then just look past the next picture. I am not particularly squeamish around bugs and snakes so I kind of think these big guy is cool. He is a Tarantula and was about 5 inches across. He was hanging out under the patio light for the good food.


FredaB said...

I remember going to a gals house for our little sewing circle in Florida and looked up after I rang the bell and there were 2 HUGE spiders and I stupidly said how did you get them up there for Halloween.I thought they were fake. She said I didn't - they are real. I almost fainted. I asked her why she didn't have them removed and she said I think they are good ones and aren't bothering anyone. They sure bothered me over my head. She is a born Floridian so had that attitude

Hugs FredaB

ps I like your wallhanging over the fireplace - it loks good and I also like the old clock.

gocrazywithme said...

Love the fireplace quilt!

I like the tarantula. We don't have them here, but I just posted a pic on my blog from last summer of an orb weaver that graced us with her presence til it got too cold.