Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our First Month in California

The first month we were in California, we stayed in corporate housing in an apartment. We were on the second floor and had a great view off our balcony that overlooked a PGA golf course. This was in February. We had a hummingbird feeder and had Anna's Hummingbirds coming right away. Back in Missouri, Ruby Throat Hummingbirds don't arrive until the middle of May so this was a real treat for us.

We had a pair of Hawks that patrolled the golf course everyday. There was quite a lot of wildlife. One night, a coyote barked under our window and woke us up.

One day, I was looking out the door on our deck and saw that one of the Hawks had taken a full grown rabbit and was standing next to the cart path on the golf course happily eating his kill. The rabbit was as big as he was!

Later in the day, a Turkey Vulture showed up and finished off the remains.

At our new house, we have 3 hummingbird feeders and sometimes, that doesn't seem to be enough. We have several Hooded Orioles that compete with the Hummingbirds. We also have a thistle feeder that the Finches empty in 2 days. It might be an understatement to say that we love watching birds.


Maureen said...

Lucky you! We see an average of one hummingbird a year and you know how fleeting that is. We get lots of little ants in the hummingbird feeder though. I guess they will have to count as our native wildlife.

Kerri Murphy said...

The ants kind of go with it. We have 3 different kinds of hummingbirds. I have been trying to get some good pics but the light has to be perfect to get good color. I will keep trying.