Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yard Birds

Here are some pictures I took of some of our hummingbirds. This is a Costa's.

The bird on the right is a Black Chin and I think the one on the left is an Anna's but I am not sure. I could have types of hummingbirds that I haven't recognized yet.

This is definitely a Anna's. They have such a pretty red head.

These are 3 baby "Say's Phoebes" that sat on our chair and squawked for food and the Mother would fly up and while hovering in front of them, give them bugs. That is her flying away.

I am such a bird nut. Moving to California has given me more new bird sightings.


Cathi said...

How fun that you have Costa's where you live! We have Anna's and Allen's and Black Chins here in northern CA foothills. has a handy little "species" reference to check which ones you may have. I always get Anna's and Allen's mixed up - but Anna's "sing" - so if you're watching them that long you can sometimes tell that way. And here's a pretty mama/baby on cam down near Santa Barbara - baby is just starting to fledge.

Love your CQ! Have been a CQ fan for many years.

Kerri Murphy said...

I Think I had an Allen's last month. I think he was a fly by. It was just one day. Pretty cool little bird. Thanks for the web cam link. I also watch the Cornell web cams.

Carol said...

I am a bird nut too. We get a marvelous variety at our feeders and enjoy the Hummingbird Wars as our resident Hummers claim their territory.