Friday, May 29, 2009

"Cat's and Geisha" Crazy Quilt

Since my move to California, I have been unpacking some of my older pieces. I decided to post some pictures of them on my blog. The pictures are not the best as I haven't figured out the best way to photograph them yet but hopefully you can see them well enough.

This is my "Cat's and Geisha" beaded Crazy Quilt that I finished in 2001.

I sat on my sofa each night after my day job and worked on it. I would usually do one seam each evening. I got a kink in my back from sitting sideways and had to go to the Doctor. That is when I decided that I needed a recliner and an Ott Light! By the way, I still can't find where I packed that bulb so it wouldn't get broken in the move. It is in that safe place that I lost!

After I finished this, I posted it on a picture site on the Internet. Pokey Bolton had just started Quilting Arts Magazine and she contacted me after seeing the photos. She asked if I could send some close up scans to put into an upcoming Bead issue she was working on. Of course I was overjoyed to do that. They are in Volume One, Issue Three of Quilting Arts magazine in an article by Robin Atkins. If you have that issue, check it out.

All my embellishment is done with Seed, Bugle, and Delica Beads plus a couple of larger beads.

I hand pieced this quilt and used many pieces of vintage Kimono. I also used hand-dyed silk and velvet. The Geisha pictures came from antique trade cards that I scanned and printed on silk. The cats were computer clip-art printed on silk.


Cathy K said...

Oh Kerri, I remember this quilt! I've printed and saved hundreds of beautiful and inspirational pictures over the years for my "idea book", and have several images of your lovely quilt!!! Needless to say, I love it. Hugs, Cathy K

Maureen said...

You do stunning work Kerri. I wish I had your talent for beading. Maureen

Kerri said...

Thank you! I have thought about doing another beaded quilt but there just seems to be so many other things I want to do. Maybe again someday.

Cheryl said...

Your stitching is beautiful Kerry. I love the beadwork. I'm really enjoying your blog, and also have a goal to get more crazy quilt converts out there!

Melinda Bula said...

Kerri, i just love crazy quilts and your work is Fabulous.
Melinda bula

Diane said...

I was checking out your 2012 Challenge Quilt post and found this wonderful quilt. I'm just about to begin a beaded seam RR with CQI, and what a treasure trove of ideas! Your work is really lovely.

Plays with Needles said...

This is one beautiful and happy quilt Kerri. It draws me in, makes me sit and stay awhile...time to drink it all in. LOVE it!