Friday, October 16, 2009

My First Earthquake

I felt my first Earthquake this morning. At first, I thought my fat cat had jumped off the bed. Then my jewelry box started rattling. It lasted only a second. The epicenter was literally right under my home. It was a 3.4 magnitude which is not that big but I felt it. I am no longer a quake virgin! There was a 1.9 afterwards at 5 AM in the same spot. This is looking from in front of my house to the South.
This is looking to the North which is where the San Andres fault is. It is very close to my home.


FredaB said...

Hi Kerry

I am glad it was a small one especially for your first one - not that you want one any stronger. I have been through a horrible tornado and that is pretty scary and I imagine an earthquake comes pretty close.

If you have any antique china, glass pieces that are heirlooms be careful of putting them on open shelves. Sometimes I use that candlestick goop and put under pieces that are on wall shelves, etc. Even bumping into them with your head this can stop them from falling.



Lisa Alff said...

I had to laugh at you thinking your fat cat jumped off the table being the earthquake, this happened to my husband years ago we had a cat that could jump from the floor to top of the frig, he would then get in the cupboard up there and go to sleep, one day the house started shaking and he thought it was the cat up there in the cupboard scratching himself and his knee hitting against the cupboard door.....too funny. Blame it on the poor innocent cats.....LOL Lisa