Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Quilts for Friends

Two of my Friends have Birthdays this week. I made each of them a small wall hanging quilt. This first one is for my pal Marci. She loves these colors and is always trying to get me to steal quilts at shows that are these colors. I always tell her to do her own dirty work! Hopefully giving her this quilt will stop her from trying to start me in a life of crime.

This quilt is for my Friend Gretchen. She works with my Husband. She is a pal. She comes over and sits on the patio with me and has a glass of wine and she makes the best artichoke dip that she brings too! Yum!

Today we had some rain. It is the first time I have seen the ground that wet since we moved here. It is supposed to rain more tomorrow. I love the view off our front porch. It is still a little overcast. It reminds me that Fall is here in Brown Land.


solomi558 said...

If this is where you live it sure looks peaceful--cottonreel

Anonymous said...

I love my quilt!!! I should point out that I always ask you nicely about stealing a quilt - often in front of the quilt's owner.

LouAnne said...

"brownland?" LOL.....Just wait a few months and you'll think you are in "greenland!" Those golden hills are why we're called the Golden State!