Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wildlife - Inside and Out

October in California means we still have Hummingbirds. Not as many. Some of them have left like the Black Chins and Allen's but we still have plenty. I think we are going to take one of the three feeders down for the winter. We may even go down to one if more quit coming. I am not sure if some stay around all year or not. When we moved here in February, we had Anna's at the apartment we stayed at. Each of these feeders has 10 feeding ports.

We have a lot of Finches too. We so seldom see them taking a bath but this day must have been bath day! It's funny, the Hummingbirds will take a bath on the leaves of our plants after the sprinklers have been on in the morning. They flit from one leaf to another for about 15 minutes.

This Dove decided the water on the patio was better.

This is our Flicker that comes to visit for a drink every day. He is quite loud when he arrives. He always does a little dance on the fence.

Speaking of Wildlife. This is our indoor variety. This is Fergie. She is the Queen of the house and keeps the boy cats in line. She has been known to growl and slap them. She is the smallest but she is not to be messed with. She is a horrible beggar for food and she was probably doing that in this picture.

This is Buster. One of two male black cats we have. He is the lover of the household. He follows me everywhere and wants to be touched all the time. He is quite a pest! We shaved him about a month ago because he is a beast with very long hair and he is like velvet when shaved.

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fibernut said...

When we have hummingbird feeders up there is always a bully and they only feed one at a time. This is the first year I saw two at a time. We have a black cat too, short hair. A while back we had two males and an older tortie calico female who also ruled the roost. I thought she talked a lot until we got this black cat now. meowy!