Thursday, September 03, 2009

Forest Fires By My House

There were 2 fires that started near my home. They were both across the highway.

The first fire was the Oak Glen Fire. It started on 8/30/09. The second fire, The Pendleton Fire, started on 8/31/09. They were right next to each other.

The smoke was bad at our house the first day but the wind changed and it moved away. We could see the plume from our front door. My Husband and I parked by the highway and I took this video of an airplane dumping retardant on a ridge. It goes on to show the flames as it is getting dark outside.

On another note, and the fun keeps on happening, someone or something killed a very large rattlesnake and left or drug it in back by our fence. The rattle was over 2 inches long and the snake was over 3 feet long. I made my Husband take it up and chunk it on the hill. He took a picture with his phone camera and emailed it to our friend Gretchen. She called very soon after and said "Oh, Hell No!". LOL!

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FredaB said...

Just when you thought you were out of Tornado Alley along comes a new threat. I don't think there is anywhere in the world safe from Mother Nature in one way or another.

Just be careful and get ready to get out if you have to. You can always get another house.

Will be thinking of you.

As for the snake, that is why I don't garden in Forida except a few urns and roses. The snakes were a dirty little secret no one told me about in Forida. We have seen quite a few and I know there are water mocassins in the large ponds on the golf course. We have one at the end of our property and stay well away from it.