Monday, August 31, 2009

Zelda Gets a Bath

We have two Power Towers on the hill behind our home.

I always name everything eventually so I had to name our towers. I thought the one on the Left looked like a Transformer, kind of a macho male type. I thought the tower on the right had a feminine look, like she has on a skirt. So, they became Megatron, Tron for short, and Zelda. Zelda is actually taller than Tron and I think younger. They look the same height from this viewpoint.

Anyway, back in June, the Power Company had guys come out and climb the towers and clean the coils. (I am not sure what they are called.) I guess this was to remove debris and bird nests. I grabbed my camera and took a short movie of them giving Zelda a bath. Here is my little video on Utube.

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Carol said...

I do that name thing too, but I don't think I ever named a power tower! But Zelda does look younger and feminine!