Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Finch Coming Out

I had to post this. One of the Baby Finches is testing coming out of the nest. He let me come pretty close. I didn't test him too much. I think he is getting used to me because I look in on them every day. Check here for the whole story.

This afternoon, we also had a family of Hawks calling to their baby. The baby was on the corner of our roof for a while. I tried to get a picture of him up there but he flew off. I don't know if this is the baby or not. He kept calling for several hours. Quite noisy. The picture is not the best. I had to zoom in on him.

I am getting ready to go to teach my Crazy Quilt class tonight at the Fabric Patch. http://www.thefabricpatch.com/ I have eleven students. I will be teaching 2 more embellishing classes in the next two weeks.


FredaB said...

The baby finch is really cute. Hubby and I were sitting eating lunch and watching out the window at a baby robin not long out of the nest has been flitting around with Momma not far away. He came to our patio table black wrought iron open lattice top and all these 2 inch long things from the trees have dropped down and we think he kept thinking they were worms. He would pick one up and then drop it and try another one. I guess he wil learn.

Good luck on your teaching. Sounds like you are fitting right in after your move.



echoes25 said...

pretty cool!!!!