Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spider at the Door

This is for Gretchen!

Yesterday, a Tarantula was sleeping above our front door during the day. Earlier in the day I chased a lizard out of our garage that had been in there for more than a week. I think he was dying for lack of food. So anyway, when he ran out, he ran up the wall by the front door. As I looked up, I saw the spider. I think the lizard had a death wish or something. I went back in to get my camera and the lizard had made his escape.

By the way, Spiders are considered good luck on a Crazy Quilt so I see him as good luck for our home.

In the evening, he headed out to get dinner. You can tell how big he is compared to the door handle.

Here is another close up shot for Gretchen. I tend to name things so he will, from now on, be called Harry!

Night Harry! Happy hunting!

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Eleana said...

Hi Kerri,
I met you at Guild and also at the Monday night friendship group in San Dimas. How are you? I'm going to be checking your blog, found you once again :) As soon as i can i'm getting back to making my CQ. Hope to see you soon. I too love Lucy's House, Kate is an awesome person. Take care!