Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Just A Little Crazy Stitcher's" Round Robin

My Crazy Quilt club, "Just A Little Crazy Stitcher's", regularly does Round Robins and we are about finished with our current one.

How this one works is everyone selects a theme for their quilt and some even include a theme fabric that must be used in the blocks along with other guidelines. We make our own prototype block. This will be used as a guide for the other blocks.

Every month, we each make and embellish a complete block for one of the members of the round robin. When we meet for our club, we swap the packet with the round robin blocks to another member of the group and they have a month to make a block to add to the packet.

We have 12 people in this current round robin, so at the end of the year of working on these, we will each have 12 blocks to make a complete crazy quilt.

This block is the prototype block for my quilt. I chose to have vintage hankies and prints of women in vintage dresses for my theme and fabrics.

For Pam's block, she had prints of Cats and Kittens and some vintage hankies that we had to use in our blocks. The print I chose had some purple and green in it so I added fabrics with these colors.

For Grace's block, she had the bird fabric for her theme. I made the block with a Spring look to it with flowers.

For Patty's block, she had an oriental theme and chose Japanese fabrics. I have a collection of Japanese fabrics myself so I was able to add a few of my own.

For Cindy's block, she chose the pretty aqua fabric with the ladies for her theme fabric. I really loved this fabric and put a silk ribbon embroidery sash across the front of one of the ladies.

For Marci's block, she chose Raggedy Ann and Andy for her theme. She included the fabric that had the motifs of the characters and a couple of other fabrics that we could use.

For Debra's block, she chose the center medallion fabric that had an oriental tone to it so I used vintage kimono fabrics to make the block.

For Anne's block, she chose a peacock theme. I got the idea for this block from the Bernina tote bag that was given out in Houston at the Quilt Festival this year.

For Gwen's block, she chose a Halloween theme. This was a very fun block to do. On one of the seams, I tried to made the stitches look like little brooms.

For Janell's block, she wanted an underwater theme and her theme fabric had fish in it. My husband plays golf and I thought it would be fun to make it look like someone had thrown their golf clubs in the water.

For Victoria's block, she chose the theme of Buttons and Bows and Kiddos. She always likes to challenge us with her colors. She chose the lacy blue and brown fabric that is in the center of the block for her fabric and I will say that it was the hardest blue color to match!

I have one more block to do yet and it is for Susan. I will post it next month when I have finished it. I think her theme is life in the pond but I am not sure.


Gerry said...

Goodness, how incredibly beautiful these all are. The hankies are precious. The kimono, peacock and Halloween are my favorites. Oh wait, the vintage women. No, no, the underwater. Oh heck, I can't decide. Just send them all! LOL

NormaH said...

Kerri, the work you share on your blog is just as gorgeous as the crazyquilts you find on ebay.

Dy said...

Love that peacock!

Susan said...

The blocks are fabulous! I love each of them, for different reasons. Thanks for the idea on the peacock, as I'm in a peacock RR at the moment. I like the description of what you all are doing. I only do online, because we travel fulltime, but I'd love to be somewhere that there were even 6 ladies who did CQ!