Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Other Journal Quilts

This is the February Journal Quilt that didn't make the cut to go to Houston with the other five I sent. It was close, though. It almost got to go instead of one of the others. I really like blue and purple together.

Of the other three I did, (I did 9 total) I didn't get all of them done because I didn't like two of them that much and I ran out of time on the other. The colors on two of them seemed boring to me. Maybe if I had embellished them more, I would have liked them better. The three were April, May and June.

I will probably finish the June quilt as I like the color of it a lot. It reminds me of underwater. It is not totally embellished. I put trims on the seams but I still need to stitch and put beads on it.

I got some new threads at Houston from the Artfabrik booth that will look great on it. Her hand-dyed threads are bright and very nice to work with. They are expensive, but you get a lot of yardage with the Pearl Cotton and it lasts a long time. She also has a new Six-Strand Cotton Floss that is very beautiful.

If you want to buy her Pearl Cotton, I would suggest that you go in with a friend and select the colors you want, and split the skeins between you. You will still have a ton of thread left! You could even split it between three people and you would have plenty. I like the sizes #12 and #8. The Six-Strand Cotton Floss comes in 10 yard skeins so you wouldn't need to split them. Her website is: http://artfabrik.com/

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Susan said...

Both of those are very pretty. What will you do with the two you aren't going to finish?

If you're willing to donate them to a good cause, I have two here donated by someone else, and I could incorporate them into a Child of a Hero quilt, for a child whose military father has died.

I like the way you embellish. I'm sort of a minimalist and many things are way too encrusted for my taste. =)