Monday, November 13, 2006

Houston Quilt Festival

When I was at the Quilt Festival, I spent the first 2 days going through the vendors.

At the end of the second day, I called my friend on my cell phone, (that is how we kept in contact at the show because we had different cruising speeds while shopping) and told her that I was going to swing by the Journal Quilts display and see if I could find my quilts.

I was walking down the last row of vendors, and as I am talking on the phone to her, I look up, and there are my quilts on the end, behind the man sitting down!

This is how they are hung, with the artists statements first in line. They are also hung in order of the months I selected.

The orange one is January, the pink and green is March, the red and black is July, the Purple and green is August, and the orange and green is September.

I tend to be a purple and green quilter but the August quilt was my least favorite in this group. I guess this really did open my eyes to other color possibilities!

This is me looking very proud that even if I didn't have a Juried quilt in the show, I had my Journal Quilts!


Charlene said...

Your blocks are so pretty! What will you make when their tour is over?

Allison said...

Nice to see CQ represented so well in the Journal Quilts. Great work!
And Kerri, I just can't thank you enough for finding all that spectacular eye candy for us on Ebay!

Susan said...

I could click twice and get a good close-up view. They are lovely. I'm not an orange/yellow/gold/brown person, but I really like your January one! I'm amazed. =)