Monday, October 26, 2009

Xmas Stockings

My quilt guild, The Nite Owls in Upland, CA, does a Christmas item auction at their annual Christmas party in December. They ask that members make a Xmas Quilty item for it. I am making a couple of Xmas Stockings for it.

I started with my Husbands over sized wool socks as a pattern and increased the size.

I have crazy quilt pieced them and will do some stitching on the seams. I will post pictures later after I finish them.

I have purchased some new gadgets in the last couple of months. This first one is my Friend Jeanne's fault because she talked about how cool this item was and she sucked me in. I bought it too. Why didn't I just borrow hers? It is a cord maker. As you can see, I have done nothing with it so far and totally have buyers remorse but I will try it out and it will probably be very cool but what the heck am I going to use it for????

This second one is my own fault and it is because Sandy Turner came to our guild and I thought her quilt using these templates was pretty cool so I bought them. Again, I have buyers remorse but I will try them out. Checkout her web site. I will use this with Batiks which I love.

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Anonymous said...

Use the cord maker to color co-ordinate your seam trim. Couch it down along the edge using buttonhole stith or some other pretty stitch.

PS love your blog