Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nitetime Needlers Crazy Quilt Blocks

I think I have finished my blocks for the Nitetime Needlers Opportunity Quilt. An Opportunity Quilt is used by a quilt guild to raise money for programs for the guild. Tickets are sold for a raffle of the quilt.

I made 3 total for it. Here are the last two.

Here are some details of this first block.

I was worried a little bit about how much to add to them as I don't know what the other block makers will do on their blocks. So, I left it up to Marci and Pam to decide if they want to add more after they get them all back. They will have a challenge with this quilt but I am sure that it will be fabulous because they are both so talented.

A detail of the little silk ribbon flowers. Silk Ribbon is not my forte, but I try.

I will be buying several tickets for this quilt for myself. I would really like to win it!


Aida Costa said...

Ooooo, I love those meandering stitches!! I love chain stitches, so I may use this idea in the future :)

katquilter said...

I love the spider....

Rene' said...

What beautiful work!!! I am taking a silk ribbon embroidery class in a few weeks and can't wait. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Love your blog. - Rene'

Shasta said...

These are all so beautiful. I'm sure the owner of the block will really love it. I am just starting out with crazy quilting, so I am really enjoying seeing all your beautiful embellishments.