Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Marci's Round Robin Block

I was looking at the work I had done on Marci's Round Robin block for my "Just A Little Crazy Stitcher's" Crazy Quilt club, and I decided that my block for her needed some more work. I wanted to do a Raggedy Ann embroidery with a punch needle.

I spent two days looking for my punch needle. I just knew that I had put it in "that safe place". I tore my sewing room apart, three times, and no punch needle. Argh!

I finally decided that I would go out and buy another one but wouldn't you know it, the place that once had had them, no longer did, so.... back home to look again. Well, the third time I looked in that box, there it was!

I made this little embroidery today. I think punch needle can be fun and has so many possible uses. It really is easy to do. I used a single strand punch needle for Ann.


Charlene said...

Just precious! I know she's glad you found it!!

annetteb said...

I think it's so cute. It fits in so well. Don't worry I can never find anything when I want it either. It always pops up when I don't want it anymore. I've been looking at your blog and am enjoying it. Thanks for sharing. Annetteb.