Monday, November 20, 2006

Seams on "Paula's Hearts"

I worked on two of the seams on the pink heart from the "Paula's Heart" quilt last night. I also added a blue lace heart on the pink side and a pink lace heart on the blue side.

I have been using the threads I bought at Quilt Festival in Houston from Artfabrik. I love how colorful they are!

I decided to go with bluish threads on the pink side and pinkish/reds on the blue side. I had thought of keeping each side in the block colors. Pink on pink and blue on blue. There is no use putting a lot of work into something that you can't see the work on. I didn't know how this would look but after doing these two seams, I think I like the look.

After looking at Sharon Boggan's blogs, (see the link on the right side of this page) I am going to try to not be as restrained as I usually am in my embellishments. A little silk ribbon here, buttons there. I wish I could have taken one of her classes at Joggles but I recently quit my job, so I have to restrain myself where money is concerned. Plus going to the Houston Quilt Festival didn't help much!

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Anonymous said...

They are looking lovely! You're site is coming along nicely, also